About David G. Myers
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About the Artist



Artists Statement of Artistisium

My art work is a statement in and of it's self. All artist's statements are over rated, but mine is the most over rated of all. My art is an attempt to make my artist statement state the statement it is intended to state.
I believe that art IS the statement, and that is why my statement is stated in my art. Thusly stated, it is in a Stately stated state of statement.

"My art is
my statement
in art"

- David G. Myers





Artist's Bio

Born July 2, 1955 in a Suburb of Cleveland, Ohio to artistic parents, Dave spent his formative years being teased and picked on by almost everyone including himself. Later at the age of 11 he was abducted by aliens where he was taught the ancient secret of Artistisium. The aliens fearing that human's were not ready for such an advanced technology kept dave prisoner for many years. He was prodded and poked with every imaginable physical, sexual and medical test and experiments. Finally, one day, when the aliens were sleeping after an all night karaoke party, Dave made his escape in a stolen E-13 Planetary Transporter. After crash landing back on earth Dave suffered amnesia. Dave has forgotten how many years he suffered with amnesia but he does remember forgetting about it. After all that, somehow the secret of Artistisium was never lost to him and grows stronger every day.


"the secret of Artistisium was never lost to him"

Horny Crater Face

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