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The Color of Art: Pigment Database
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Artist Paints and Pigments Reference with Color Index Pigment Names
  Daniel Smith Sale
Use the color pigment images below, or arrows to navigate the color index pigment charts.
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Clicking on the Color Index Pigment Code in the chart below will take you directly to that pigment in the Color of Art Database
Color Index Name
CI Natural Yellow
NY 2,
Natural Yellow 2
NY 3,
Natural Yellow 3;
NY 6,
Natural Yellow 6;
NY 9.
Natural Yellow 9
NY 11,
Natural Yellow 11;
NY 13,
Natural Yellow 13;
Stil de Grain
NY 20,
Na tural Yellow 20;
Indian Yellow
NY 24,
Natural Yellow 24;
CI Pigment Yellow
PY 1,
Pigment Yellow 1;
Hansa Yellow G
PY 1:1,
Pigment Yellow 1:1
PY 2,
Pigment Yellow 2;
Hansa Yellow GR
PY 3,
Pigment Yellow 3;
Hansa Yellow 10G
PY 4,
Pigment Yellow 4;
Arylide Yellow 13G;
PY 5,
Hansa Yellow 5G;
Pigment Yellow 5
PY 6,
Pigment Yellow 6;
Hansa Yellow 3G
PY 9,
Pigment Yellow 9
PY 10,
Pigment Yellow 10;
Hansa Yellow R
PY 12.
Pigment Yellow 12
PY 13,
Pigment Yellow 13
PY 14,
Pigment Yellow 14;
Diarylide Yellow OT
PY 16,
Pigment Yellow 16
PY 17,
Pigment Yellow 17;
Benzidene Yellow G
PY 21,
Pigment Yellow 21;
Orange Chrome Yellow
PY 24,
Pigment Yellow 24;
Flaventhrone Yellow
PY 30,
Pigment Yellow 30;
Lead Oxychloride
PY 31,
Pigment Yellow 31;
Barium Chromate
PY 32,
Pigment Yellow 32;
Strontium Chromate
PY 33,
Pigment Yellow 33
PY 34,
Pigment Yellow 34;
Lead Chromate
PY 34:1,
Pigment Yellow 34:1;
Lead Chromate with Lead sulfate
PY 35,
Pigment Yellow 35;
Cadmium Zinc Sulphide Yellow
PY 35:1,
Pigment Yellow 35:1;
Cadmium-Barium Yellow
PY 36,
Pigment Yellow 36;
Zinc Chromate Yellow
PY 36:1,
Pigment Yellow 36:1;
Basic Zinc Yellow
PY 37,
Pigment Yellow 37;
Cadmium Sulphide Yellow
PY 37:1,
Pigment Yellow 37:1;
Cadmium-Barium Sulphide Yellow
PY 38,
Pigment Yellow 38; Mosaic Gold;
PY 39,
Pigment Yellow 39;
PY 39,
Pig ment Yellow 39; Realgar
PY 40,
Pigment Yellow 40;
Cobalt Yellow (Aureolin)
PY 41,
Pigment Yellow 41;
Naples Yellow
PY 42,
Pigment Yellow 42;
Synthetic Hydrated Iron Oxide (Mars Yellow )
PY 43,
Pigment Yellow 43;
Natural Yellow Iron Oxide (Yellow Ochre)
Pigment Yellow 44;
Basic cadmium chromate
Pigment Yellow 45;
Iron Chromate
PY 46,
Pigment Yellow 46;
Massicot / Litharge
PY 47,
Pigment Yellow 47;
Lead Titanate
PY 48,
Pigment Yellow 48;
Lead Cyanamide
PY 53,
Pigment Yellow 53;
Nickel Titanium Yellow
PY 55,
Pigment Yellow 55;
Diarylide Yellow AAPT;
PY 61,
Pigment Yellow 61
PY 62,
Pigment Yellow 62
PY 62:1,
Pigment Yellow 62:1
PY 63,
Pigment Yellow 63;
PY 65,
Pigment Yellow 65;
Arylide Yellow RN
PY 73,
Pigment Yellow 73;
Arylide Yellow GX
PY 74,
Pigment Yellow 74;
Arylide Yellow 5GX
PY 75,
Pigment Yellow 75;
Arylide Yellow RX
PY 77,
Pigment Yellow 77
PY 81,
Pigment Yellow 81
PY 83,
Pigment Yellow 83;
Diarylide Yellow HR
PY 87,
Pigment Yellow 87;
Diarylide Yellow 1285
PY 93,
Pigment Yellow 93;
Disazo Yellow 3G
PY 94,
Pigment Yellow 94
PY 95,
Pigment Yellow 95;
Disazo Yellow GR
PY 97,
Pigment Yellow 97;
Diarylide Yellow FGL
PY 98,
Pigment Yellow 98;
Diarylide Yellow
PY 100,
Pigment Yellow 100
PY 101,
Pigment Yellow 101
PY 104,
Pigment Yellow 104
PY 105,
Pigment Yellow 105
PY 108,
Pigment Yellow 108;
Magnesium Euxanthate
PY 109,
Pigment Yellow 109;
Isoindolinone Yellow
PY 110,
Pigment Yellow 110;
Isoindolinone Yellow R;
PY 111,
Pigment Yellow 111
PY 112,
Pigment Yellow 112;
Flavanthrone Yellow
PY 113,
Pigment Yellow 113
PY 115,
Pigment Yellow 115
PY 116.
Pigment Yellow 116;
PY 117,
Pigment Yellow 117;
Paliotol Yellow;
PY 118,
Pigment Yellow 118
PY 119,
Pigment Yellow 119;
Zinc Ferrite Brown Spinel
PY 120,
Pigment Yellow 120;
Benzimidazo H2G
PY 126,
Pigment Yellow 126
PY 127,
Pigment Yellow 127
PY 127:1,
Pigment Yellow 127:1
PY 128,
Pigment Yellow 128;
Cromophtal Yellow 8G
PY 129,
Pigment Yellow 129;
Irgazin Yellow 5GT
PY 130,
Pigment Yellow 130
PY 133,
Pigment Yellow 133
PY 134,
Pigment Yellow 134
PY 136,
Pigment Yellow 136
PY 137,
Pigment Yellow 137
Pigment Yellow 138;
Quinophthalone Yellow
PY 139,
Pigment Yellow 139;
Paliotol® Yellow-Orange
PY 147,
Pigment Yellow 147
PY 148,
Pigment Yellow 148
PY 150,
Pigment Yellow 150;
Nickel Azo Yellow
PY 151,
Pigment Yellow 151;
Benzimidazolone Yellow H4G
PY 152,
Diarylide Yellow 152;
PY 153,
Pigment Yellow 153;
Nickel Dioxime Yellow
PY 154,
Pigment Yellow 154;
Benzimidazolone Yellow H3G
PY 155,
Pigment Yellow 155;
Benzimidazolone Yellow 155
PY 156,
Pigment Yellow 156
PY 157,
Pigment Yellow 157;
Nickel Titanate Yellow
PY 158,
Pigment Yellow 158;
Tin Vanadium Yellow Cassiterite
PY 159,
Pigment Yellow 159;
Zirconium Praesodymium Silicate Yellow
PY 160,
Pigment Yellow 160;
Zirconium Vanadium Yellow
PY 161,
Pigment Yellow 161;
Nickel Niobium Titanium Yellow
PY 162,
Pigment Yellow 162;
Chrome Niobium Titanium Buff Rutile;
PY 163,
Pigment Yellow 163;
Chromium Tungsten Titanium Buff Rutile;
PY 164,
Pigment Yellow 164;
Manganese Antimony Titanium Buff
PY 165,
Pigment Yellow 165
PY 166;
Pigment Yellow 166
PY 167,
Pigment Yellow 167;
PY 168,
Pigment Yellow 168
PY 169,
Pigment Yellow 169
PY 170,
Pigment Yellow FRN 170
PY 172,
Pigment Yellow 172
PY 173,
Pigment Yellow 173;
Isoindolinone Yellow
PY 174,
Pigment Yellow 174
PY 175,
Pigment Yellow 175;
Benzimidazolone Yellow H6G
PY 176,
Pigment Yellow 176
PY 179,
Pigment Yellow 179;
Cobalt azomethine
PY 180,
Pigment Yellow 180;
Isoindolinone Yellow
PY 181,
Pigment Yellow 181;
Benzimidazo Golden
PY 182,
Pigment Yellow 182;
Sandorin Yellow G
PY 183,
Pigment Yellow 183
PY 184,
Pigment Yellow 184;
Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
PY 185,
Pigment Yellow 185
PY 188,
Pigment Yellow 188
PY 189,
Pigment Yellow 189
PY 190,
Pigment Yellow 190
PY 191,
Pigment Yellow 191
PY 191:1,
Pigment Yellow 191:1
PY 192,
Pigment Yellow 192;
PY 193.
Pigment Yellow 193
PY 194,
Pigment Yellow 194
PY 200,
Pigment Yellow 200;
PY 203,
Pigment Yellow 203
PY 204,
Pigment Yellow 204
PY 207,
Pigment Yellow 207
PY 216,
Pigment Yellow 216;
Solaplex Yellow
PY 219,
Pigment Yellow 219;
Titanium Zinc Antimony Stannate
PY 223,
Pigment Yellow 223;
MayaCrom® Yellow Y2351RS
PY 224,
Pigment Yellow 224;
MayaCrom® Yellow Y2300F
PY 226,
Pigment Yellow 226;
MayaCrom® Yellow Y7300
No CI Name
Bile Yellow
Lead-Tin Antimony Yellow
Lead-tin Yellow, type I
Lead-tin yellow, type II
Mori Yellow
Basic Mercury Sulfate
Platina Yellow
Tungsten Yellow

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Color Index Name
CI Natural Orange
NO 2.
Natural Orange 2
NO 4,
Natural Orange 4
NO 5,
Natural Orange 5
NO 6,
Natural Orange 6
CI Pigment Orange
PO 1,
Pigment Orange 1
Hansa Yellow 3R;
PO 2,
Pigment Orange 2
Hansa orange RN
PO 3,
Pigment Orange 3
Hansa Orange
PO 5,
Pigment Orange 5
Hansa Orange RN
PO 13,
Pigment Orange 13
Benzidine Orange
PO 16,
Pigment Orange 16
Benzidine Orange
PO 17,
Pigment Orange 17
Persian Orange
PO 17:1,
Pigment Orange 17:1
PO 20,
Pigment Orange 20
Cadmium Orange
PO 20:1,
Pigment Orange 20:1
Cadmium-Barium Orange
PO 21,
Pigment Orange 21
Chrome Orange
PO 21:1,
Pigment Orange 21:1
Chrome Orange
PO 23,
Pigment Orange 23
Cadmium Vermillion Orange
PO 23:1,
Pigment Orange 23:1
Cadmium-Barium Vermillion Orange
PO 34,
Pigment Orange 34
Pyrazolone Orange
PO 36,
Pigment Orange 36
Benzimidazolone Orange HSL
PO 38,
Pigment Orange 38
Azo Burnt Orange
PO 40,
Pigment Orange 40
PO 41,
Pigment Orange 41
PO 43,
Pigment Orange 43
Perinone Orange
PO 45,
Pigment Orange 45
Chrome Orange
PO 46,
Pigment Orange 46
PO 47,
Pigment Orange 47;
Quinacridone Orange
PO 48,
Pigment Orange 48;
Quinacridone Gold
PO 49,
Pigment Orange 49;
Quinacridone Gold (Green Shade)
PO 51,
Pigment Orange 51;
Pyranthrone Orange
PO 52,
Pigment Orange 52;
Pyranthrone Orange, red shade
PO 53,
Pigment Orange 53;
Pyranthrone Orange
PO 59,
Pigment Orange 59;
Paliotol® Orange
PO 60,
Pigment Orange 60;
Benzimidazolone Orange HGL
PO 61,
Pigment Orange 61;
Isoindolol Orange
PO 62,
Pigment Orange 62;
Benzimidazolone Orange H5G
PO 64,
Pigment Orange 64;
Benzimida Orange
PO 65,
Pigment Orange 65;
Benzimidazo Orange
PO 66,
Pigment Orange 66;
Isoindoline Orange
PO 67,
Pigment Orange 67
Pyrazolo-quinazolone Orange
PO 68,
Pigment Orange 68
Sandorin Orange
PO 69,
Pigment Orange 6
Pyranthrone Orange
PO 71.
Pigment Orange 71
Pyrrole Orange
PO 72,
Pigment Orange 72
PO 73,
Pigment Orange 73
Irgazin Orange
PO 74,
Pigment Orange 74
PO 75,
Pigment Orange 75
Cerium Sulfide Orange
PO 77,
Pigment Orange 77
PO 78,
Pigment Orange 78
PO 79,
Pigment Orange 79
PO 80,
Pigment Orange 80
PO 81,
Pigment Orange 81
IRGAZIN Orange 2038
Pigment Orange 84;
MayaCrom® Orange OR7500
PO 86,
Pigment Orange 86
Isoindoline Orange Light
PO 206,
Pigment Orange 206
Quinacridone Burnt Orange
No CI Name
Antimony Orange;
Pigment Red 107
IRGAZIN Orange 2037;
Kibeni Orange;
Vanadium Chromite Spinel
Lead-tin Orange;
Orange de plomb
MayaCrom Orange OR2800;
Mayan Orange
Mineral Orange;
Orange lead
Red orpiment

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Color Index Name
CI Natural Red
NR 1.
Natural Red 1;
NR 2,
Natural Red 2;
Monascus Red
NR 3,
Natural Red 3;
NR 4,
Natural Red 4;
NR 6,
Natural Red 6;
NR 8,
Natural Red 8;
Alizarin Crimson
NR 9,
Natural Red 9;
Madder Lake
NR 10,
Natural Red 10;
NR 11,
Natural Red 11;
NR 12,
Natural Red 12;
NR 16,
Natural Red 16
Alizarin Purple
NR 20,
Natural Red 20
NR 22,
Natural Red 22;
NR 23,
Natural Red 23;
NR 24,
Natural Red 24
NR 25,
Natural Red 25
Lac Lake
NR 26,
Natural Red 26
NR 28,
Natural Red 28
NR 31,
Natural Red 31
Dragon's Blood
CI Pigment Red
PR 1,
Pigment Red 1
PR 2,
Pigment Red 2
Naphthol Red G
PR 3,
Pigment Red 3
PR 4,
Pigment Red 4
PR 5,
Pigment Red 5;
Naphthol Red DK
PR 6,
Pigment Red 6
PR 7,
Pigment Red 7;
Naphthol Crimson Red AS-TR

PR 8,
Pigment Red 8;

PR 9,
Pigment Red 9;
Naphthol AS Red
PR 12,
Pigment Red 12;
PR 13,
Pigment Red 13;
PR 14,
Pigment Red 14;
PR 15,
Pigment Red 15;
PR 17,
Pigment Red 17;
PR 19,
Pigment Red 19;
PR 21,
Pigment Red 21;
PR 22,
Pigment Red 22;
Naphthol Red Bright
PR 23,
Pigment Red 23;
Naphthol Red Dark
PR 31,
Pigment Red 31;
Naphthol Red Extra Dark
PR 32,
Pigment Red 32;
PR 38,
Pigment Red 38;
Pyrazolone Red
PR 39,
Pigment Red 39;
Arsenic Sulphide
PR 47,
Pigment Red 47;
PR 48,
Pigment Red 48;
Beta oxynaphtholic acid scarlet
PR 48:1,
Pigment Red 48:1
PR 48:2,
Pigment Red 48:2
PR 48:3,
Pigment Red 48:3
PR 48:4,
Pigment Red 48:4
PR 49,
Pigment Red 49
Lithol Red LN
PR 49:1,
Pigment Red 49:1
Barium Lithol Red
PR 49:2,
Pigment Red 49:2
Calcium Lithol Red
PR 52:1,
Pigment Red 52.1
BON Rubine
PR 52:2,
Pigment Red 52.2
Lithol Scarlet Red
PR 53,
Pigment Red 53
Lake Red C
PR 53:1,
Pigment Red 53:1
Pigment Lake Red C
PR 57,
Pigment Red 57
Sodium Lithol Rubine
PR 57:1,
Pigment Red 57:1
Lithol Rubine
PR 57:2,
Pigment Red 57:2
D&C Red No.6 Lake
PR 58:4,
Pigment Red 58:4
PR 60,
Pigment Red 60
Permanent Rose
PR 60:1,
Pigment Red 60:1
PR 61,
Pigment Red 61
PR 62,
Pigment Red 62
PR 63,
Pigment Red 63
PR 63:1,
Pigment Red 63:1
PR 69,
Pigment Red 69
PR 81,
Pigment Red 81
PR 81:1,
Pigment Red 81:1
PR 81:2,
Pigment Red 81:2
Rhodamine YS
PR 81:3,
Pigment Red 81:3
PR 81:4,
Pigment Red 81:4
PR 83,
Pigment Red 83;
Alizarin Crimson
PR 83:1,
Pigment Red 83:1;
Alizarin Lake
PR 83:3,
Pigment Red 83:3;
Alizarin Lake
PR 85,
Pigment Red 85;
Indo Red
PR 88,
Pigment Red 88;
Thioindigoid Violet
PR 89,
Pigment Red 89
PR 90,
Pigment Red 90;
PR 90:1,
Pigment Red 90:1;
PR 101,
Pigment Red 101;
Synthetic Iron Oxide
PR 101:1,
Pigment Red 101:1;
Red Hematite
PR 102,
Pigment Red 102;
Natural Iron Oxide
PR 103,
Pigment Red 103;
Red Lead Chromate
PR 104,
Pigment Red 104;
Molybdate Orange
PR 105,
Pigment Red 105;
Red Lead
PR 106,
Pigment Red 106;
PR 107,
Pigment Red 107;
Antimony Orange
PR 108,
Pigment Red 108;
Cadmium Red
PR 108:1,
Pigment Red 108:1;
Cadmium-Barium Red
PR 109,
Pigment Red 109;
Purple of Cassius
PR 112,
Pigment Red 112;
Naphthol Red AS-D
PR 113,
Pigment Red 113;
Mercadium Red
PR 113:1,
Pigment Red 113:1;
Mercadium Lithopone Red
PR 114,
Pigment Red 114
Fast Carmine BS
PR 119,
Pigment Red 119;
Naphthol Red FG
PR 120,
Pigment Red 120;
Naphthol Red MEG-DR
PR 121,
Pigment Red 121;
Tin Violet
PR 122,
Pigment Red 122;
Quinacridone Red
PR 123,
Pigment Red 123;
Perylene Scarlet
PR 139,
Pigment Red 139
PR 144,
Pigment Red 144;
Chromophal R
PR 146,
Pigment Red 146;
Naphthol Red AS
PR 147,
Pigment Red 147
PR 148,
Pigment Red 148;
Naphthol carmine
PR 149,
Pigment Red 149;
Perylene Red
PR 150,
Pigment Red 150
PR 160,
Pigment Red 160;
Naphthol Carbamide
Pigment Red 166;
Chromophtal Scarlet
PR 168,
Pigment Red 168;
Anthradquinone Scarlet
PR 169,
Pigment Red 169;
PR 170,
Pigment Red 170;
Naphthol Red AS
PR 170:1,
Pigment Red 170:1
PR 171,
Pigment Red 171;
Benzimidazolone Bordeaux
PR 172,
Pigment Red 172
PR 173,
Pigment Red 173
PR 174,
Pigment Red 174
PR 175,
Pigment Red 175;
Benzimidazolone Red HFT
PR 176,
Pigment Red 176;
Benzimidazolone Carmine
PR 177,
Pigment Red 177;
Anthradquinone Red
PR 178,
Pigment Red 178;
Perylene Crimson
PR 179,
Pigment Red 179;
Perylene Maroon
PR 180,
Pigment Red 180;
Indo Red light
PR 181,
Pigment Red 181;
Thioindigoid Magenta
PR 183,
Pigment Red 183
PR 184,
Pigment Red 184
PR 185,
Pigment Red 185
PR 187,
Pigment Red 187;
Naphthol Red HF4B
PR 188,
Pigment Red 188;
Naphthol Scarlet
PR 190,
Pigment Red 190;
Perylene Scarlet
PR 192,
Pigment Red 192;
Quinacridone Red Rose
PR 193,
Pigment Red 193;
Amaranth Lake
PR 194,
Pigment Red 194;
Perinone Red
PR 200,
Pigment Red 200
PR 202,
Pigment Red 202;
Quinacridone Crimson
PR 204,
Pigment Red 204
PR 206,
Pigment Red 206;
Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet
PR 207,
Pigment Red 207;
Quinacridone Scarlet
PR 208,
Pigment Red 208;
Benzimidazolone Red HF2B
PR 209,
Pigment Red 209;
Quinacridone Red Gamma
PR 210,
Pigment Red 210
PR 211,
Pigment Red 211
PR 212,
Pigment Red 212
PR 213,
Pigment Red 213
Pigment Red 214
PR 216,
Pigment Red 216;
Pyranthrone Red Deep
Pigment Red 221
PR 223,
Pigment Red 223;
Irgazin Red Medium
PR 224,
Pigment Red 224;
Irgazin Red BPT
PR 226,
Pigment Red 226;
Pyrathrone red
PR 230,
Pigment Red 230;
Chrome Alumina Pink Corundum
PR 231,
Pigment Red 231;
Manganese Alumina Pink Corundum
PR 232,
Pigment Red 232;
Zirconium Iron Pink
PR 233,
Pigment Red 233;
Chrome Tin Pink
(Potter's Pink, Pinkcolor)
PR 235,
Pigment Red 235;
Chrome Alumina Pink Spinel
PR 236,
Pigment Red 236;
Chrome Tin Cassiterite
PR 238,
Pigment Red 238;
Naphthol Red (Rubine Shade)
PR 239,
Pigment Red 239
PR 242,
Pigment Red 242
PR 243,
Pigment Red 243
PR 245,
Pigment Red 245
PR 251,
Pigment Red 251;
Pyrazolo-quinazolone scarlet
PR 252,
Pigment Red 252;
Pyrazo Quinazo
PR 253,
Pigment Red 253
PR 254,
Pigment Red 254;
Pyrrole Red
PR 255,
Pigment Red 255;
Pyrrole Scarlet
PR 256,
Pigment Red 256
PR 257,
Pigment Red 257 ;
Nickel Violet
PR 258,
Pigment Red 258
PR 259,
Pigment Red 259;
Ultramarine Pink
PR 260,
Pigment Red 260;
Isoindoline scarlet
PR 262,
Pigment Red 262
PR 264,
Pigment Red 264;
Pyrrole Red Rubine
PR 265,
Pigment Red 265;
Cerium Sulfide Red
PR 266,
Pigment Red 266;
Naphthol Red 4B
PR 268,
Pigment Red 268
PR 269,
Pigment Red 269;
Naphthol Red RA
PR 270,
Pigment Red 270;
Pyrrole Red
PR 271,
Pigment Red 271;
Nickel Isoindoline complex
PR 272,
Pigment Red 272
PR 273,
Pigment Red 273
PR 274,
Pigment Red 274
PR 275,
Pigment Red 275;
Cerium Sulfide Maroon
PR 276,
Pigment Red 276
PR 279,
Pigment Red 279;
PR 282,
Pigment Red 282;
Quinacridone Magenta
PR 286,
Pigment Red 286;
MayaCrom® Red R2001F
PR 287,
Pigment Red 287;
MayaCrom® Red R2051
PR 288,
Pigment Red 288;
MayaCrom® Red R7400
PR 571?,
Pigment Red 571
No CI Name
Cobalt Red
Egyptian Red Gold
Pozzuolana Red Earth
Quinacridone pyrrolidone PR
Red Coral
Red Jasper
Red Powdered Glass
Red Porphyry

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Color Index Name
CI Natural Violet
NV 1;
Natural Violet 1;
Tyrian Purple
CI Pigment Violet
PV 1,
Rhodamine Violet
PV 1:1,
Pigment Violet 1:1
PV 1:2,
Pigment Violet 1:2
PV 2,
Pigment Violet 2;
PV 2:2,
Pigment Violet 2:2
PV 3,
Pigment Violet 3
PV 3:1,
Pigment Violet 3:1
PV 3:3
Pigment Violet 3:3
PV 5,
Pigment Violet 5;
Quinizarin Maroon
PV 5:1,
Pigment Violet 5:1;
Quinazarine Super Maroon
PV 7,
Pigment Violet 7
PV 13,
Pigment Violet 13
PV 14,
Pigment Violet 14;
Cobalt violet
PV 15,
Pigment Violet 15;
Ultramarine Violet
PV 16,
Pigment Violet 16;
Manganese Violet
PV 18,
Pigment Violet 18
PV 19,
Pigment Violet 19;
Quinacridone Violet
PV 23,
Pigment Violet 23;
Dioxazine Violet
PV 25,
Pigment Violet 25
PV 27,
Pigment Violet 27;
PV 29,
Pigment Violet 29;
Perylene Violet
PV 31,
Pigment Violet 31;
PV 32,
Pigment Violet 32;
Benzimiazolone Bordeaux
PV 36,
Pigment Violet 36;
Indanthrene Violet
PV 37,
Pigment Violet 37;
Dioxazine Violet
PV 39,
Pigment Violet 39;
PV 42,
Pigment Violet 42;
Quinacridone Maroon
PV 44,
Pigment Violet 44
PV 47,
Pigment Violet 47;
Cobalt Lithium Violet
PV 48,
Pigment Violet 48;
Cobalt Magnesium Borate
PV 49,
Pigment Violet 49;
Cobalt Pale Violet
PV 50,
Pigment Violet 50
PV 58,
Pigment Violet 58;
MayaCrom Violet V2001F
PV 171,
Pigment Violet 171
No CI Name
Cobalt Arsenate
Copper Violet;
Guyard's Violet
Violet Hematite;
Caput Mortum


Han Purple
Manganous Phosphate
Purple Sugilite
Silver chromate

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Color Index Name
CI Natural Blue
NB 1,
Natural Blue 1;
NB 2,
Natural Blue 2;
Indigo Carmine
CI Pigment Blue
PB 1,
Pigment Blue 1;
PB 1:2;
Pigment Blue 1:2;
PB 9,
Pigment Blue 9
PB 15;
Pigment Blue 15;
Phthalocyanine Blue
PB 15:1,
Pigment Blue 15:1;
Phthalocyanine Blue RS
PB 15:2,
Pigment Blue 15:2;
Phthalocyanine Blue
PB 15:3,
Pigment Blue 15:3;
Phthalocyanine Blue BGS
PB 15:4,
Pigment Blue 15:4; Phthalocyanine Blue Beta Form
PB 15:6,
Pigment Blue 15:6;
Phthalocyanine Blue (red shade)
PB 15:34;
Pigment Blue 15:34;
Phthalocyanine Alfa Blue
PB 16,
Pigment Blue 16;
Phthalocyanine Turquoise;
PB 17,
Pigment Blue 17;
Phthalocyanine Cyan
PB 24,
Pigment Blue 24;
Ichomine Turquoise
PB 25,
Pigment Blue 25
PB 27,
Pigment Blue 27;
Prussian Blue
PB 27:1,
Pigment Blue 27:1;
Prussian Blue
PB 28,
Pigment Blue 28;
Cobalt Blue
PB 29,
Pigment Blue 29;
Ultramarine Blue
PB 30,
Pigment Blue 30;
Copper Carbonate
PB 31,
Pigment Blue 31;
Egyptian Blue
PB 32,
Pigment Blue 32;
PB 33,
Pigment Blue 33;
Manganese Blue
PB 34,
Pigment Blue 34;
Copper sulfide
PB 35;
Pigment Blue 35;
Cerulean Blue
PB 36;
Pigment Blue 36;
Cobalt Chromite Blue Green Spinel
PB 36:1,
Pigment Blue 36:1;
Cobalt Zinc Blue
PB 60,
Pigment Blue 60;
Indanthrone Blue
PB 61,
Pigment Blue 61;
Reflex Blue
PB 61:1,
Pigment Blue 61:1
PB 62,
Pigment Blue 62
PB 63,
Pigment Blue 63;
Indigo Carmine Aluminium Lake
PB 66,
Pigment Blue 66;
PB 68,
Pigment Blue 68;
Pigment Blue 15;
PB 71,
Pigment Blue 71;
Zirconium Vanadium Blue
PB 72,
Pigment Blue 72;
Cobalt Zinc Aluminate Blue Spinel
PB 73,
Pigment Blue 73;
Cobalt Silicate Blue
PB 74,
Pigment Blue 74;
Cobalt Zinc Silicate Blue
PB 75,
Pigment Blue 75;
PB 76,
Pigment Blue 76;
PB 79,
Pigment Blue 79;
Aluminum Chloro-phthalocyanine;
PB 80,
Pigment Blue 80;
Hostaperm Blue R5R
PB 81,
Pigment Blue 81;
Cobalt Tin Alumina Blue
PB 82,
Pigment Blue 82;
MayaCrom Blue B2050
PB 84,
Pigment Blue 84;
MayaPure Blue B 8000F
PB 128,
Pigment Blue 128;
No CI Name
Copper Blue
Cupric Hydroxide
Han Blue/
Han Purple
Lapis Lazuli;
Manganese Oxide Blue
Mayan Blue
Ploss Blue;
Neutral Verdigris
Tungsten Blue
Ultramarine Ash
Blue Ochre
Zinc Iron Ferricyanide

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Color Index Name
CI Natural Green
NG 1,
Natural Green 1;
Chinese Green
NG 2.
Natural Green 2;
Natural Yellow 13;
Sap Green
CI Pigment Green
PG 1,
Pigment Green 1
PG 2,
Pigment Green 2
PG 4,
Pigment Green 4
PG 7,
Pigment Green 7;
Phthalocyanine Green BS
PG 8,
Pigment Green 8;
Nitroso Green
PG 10,
Pigment Green 10;
Nickel Azo Yellow
PG 13,
Pigment Green 13;
Phthalochrome Green
PG 14,
Pigment Green 14;
Cadmium Green
PG 15,
Pigment Green 15;
Chrome Green
PG 16,
Pigment Green 16;
Milori Green;
PG 17,
Pigment Green 17;
Chrome Oxide Green
PG 17 Blk,
Pigment Green 17;
Chromium Green Black Hematite
PG 18,
Pigment Green 18;
PG 19,
Pigment Green 19;
Cobalt Green
PG 20,
Pigment Green 20;
PG 21,
Pigment Green 21;
Cupric aceto-arsenite
Emerald Green
PG 22
Pigment Green 22;
Copper arsenite
PG 23,
Pigment Green 23;
Green Earth (Terre Verte)
PG 24,
Pigment Green 24;
Ultramarine Green
PG 26,
Pigment Green 26;
Cobalt Chromite Green
PG 36,
Pigment Green 36;
Phthalocyanine Green YS
PG 38,
Pigment Green 36;
Pigment Green 38;
Phthalocyanine Green YS
PG 39,
Pigment Green 39;
Pigment Blue 30;
Copper Carbonate Hydroxide (Green Bice)
PG 41,
Pigment Green 41;
Pigment Green 36;
Phthalocyanine Green YS
PG 42,
Pigment Green 42;
Non-flocculating Phthalocyanine Green G
PG 45,
Pigment Green 45;
Copper Ferrocyanide
PG 48,
Pigment Green 48;
Chromocyanine Green
PG 50,
Pigment Green 50;
Cobalt Titanate Green
PG 51,
Pigment Green 51;
Victoria Green Garnet
PG 55,
Pigment Green 55;
Ultramarine Green
PG 56,
Pigment Green 56;
Nickel Green Olivine
No CI Name
Barium Manganate;
Manganese Green
Copper Green Spinel
Copper Resinate
Chromium Phosphate;
Plessy’s Green
Egyptian Green
Green Apatite
Green Bice
Green Stone

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Color Index Name
CI Natural Brown
NBk 6,
Natural Black 6;
NBr 3,
Natural Brown 3;
NBr 6,
Natural Brown 6;
NBr 7,
Natural Brown 7;
Walnut extract;
NBr 8,
Natural Brown 8;
Cassel Earth ( Van Dyke Brown)
NBr 9,
Natural Brown 9;
NBr 11,
Natural Brown 11;
CI Pigment Brown
PBr 1,
Pigment Brown 1
PBr 6,
Pigment Brown 6;
Iron Oxide Hydroxide Brown
PBr 7,
Pigment Brown 7;
Brown Iron Oxide
PBr 8,
Pigment Brown 8;
Manganese Brown
PBr 9,
Pigment Brown 9;
Copper Ferrocyanid
PBr 10,
Pigment Brown 10,
Calcium Plumbate
PBr 11,
Pigment Brown 11;
Magnesium Ferrite
PBr 12,
Pigment Brown 12;
Cassel Brown
PBr 22,
Pigment Brown 22;
PBr 23,
Pigment Brown 23;
Disazo Brown
PBr 24,
Pigment Brown 24;;
Chrome Antimony Titanium Buff Rutile
PBr 25,
Pigment Brown 25;
Benzimidazolone Brownaaaaaax
PBr 27,
Pigment Brown 27
PBr 29,
Pigment Brown 29;
Chrome Iron Brown
PBr 30,
Pigment Brown 30
PBr 31,
Pigment Brown 31;
Zinc Ferrite Brown Spinel
PBr 33,
Pigment Brown 33;
Zinc Iron Chromite Brown Spinel
PBr 34,
Pigment Brown 34;
Nickel Ferrite Brown
PBr 35,
Pigment Brown 35;
Iron Chromite Brown Spinel
PBr 37,
Pigment Brown 37;
Manganese Niobium
Titanium Brown Rutil
PBr 39,
Pigment Brown 39;
Zinc Manganese Chromate
PBr 40,
Pigment Brown 40;
Manganese chrome antimony titanium brown rutile
PBr 41,
Pigment Brown 41;
Disazo Condensation Brown
PBr 42;
Pigment Brown 42;
Azo Golden Brown
PBr 43,
Pigment Brown 43;
Iron-Manganese Oxide
PBr 44,
Pigment Brown 44;
Cobalt Tungsten Titanium Buff
PBr 45,
Pigment Brown 45;
Manganese Tungsten Titanium Brown Rutile
PBr 46,
Pigment Brown 46;
Chrome Iron Manganese Brown
No CI Name
Egyptian Mummy
Manganous Chromate
Tigers Eye

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Color Index Name
CI Natural Black
NBk 1,
Natural Black 1
NBk 2,
Natural Black 2;
Logwood Black
NBk 3,
Natural Black 3;
NBk 4,
Natural Black 4;
NBk 6,
Natural Black 6;
CI Pigment Black
PBk 1,
Pigment Black 1;
Aniline Black
PBk 6,
Pigment Black 6;
Carbon Black;
PBk 7,
Pigment Black 7;
Lamp Black
PBk 8,
Pigment Black 8;
Vine Black
PBk 9,
Pigment Black 9;
Bone Black
PBk 10,
Pigment Black 10;
PBk 11,
Pigment Black 11;
Mars Black
PBk 12,
Pigment Black 12;
Iron Titanium Brown Spinel
PBk 13,
Pigment Black13;
Cobalt Black
PBk 14,
Pigment Black 14;
Manganese Black
PG 17 Blk,
Pigment Green 17;
Chromium Green Black Hematite
PBk 17;
Pigment Black 18;
PBk 18,
Pigment Black 18;
Mineral Black
PBk 19,
Pigment Black 19;
Slate Black
PBk 22,
Pigment Black 22;
Copper chromite black
PBk 23,
Pigment Black 23;
Tin Antimony Gray
PBk 24,
Pigment Black 24;
Vanadium Antimony Gray
PBk 25,
Pigment Black 25;
Cobalt Nickel Gray
PBk 26,
Pigment Black 26;
Manganese Ferrite Black
PBk 27,
Pigment Black 27;
Iron Cobalt Chromite Black
PBk 28,
Pigment Black 28;
Copper Chromite Black
PBk 29,
Pigment Black 29;
Iron Cobalt Black
PBk 30,
Pigment Black 30;
Chrome Iron Nickel Black
PBk 31,
Pigment Black 31;
Paliogen Black;
Perylene Green
PBk 32,
Pigment Black 32;
Perylene Black
PBk 33,
Pigment Black 33;
Iron Manganese Oxide
PBk 34,
Pigment Black 34;
Molybdenum Disulfide
PBk 35,
Pigment Black 35;
Titanium dioxide Black
No CI Name
Acetylene Black
Antimony Black
Black Earth
Black Hematite
Black Tourmaline
Cobaltic Oxide
Cuprous Sulfide
Hartshorn Black
Ivory Black
Lead Sulphide;
Manganese Oxide

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Color Index Name
CI Natural White
NW 1,
Natural White 1;
Guanine (Fish Silver)
CI Pigment White
PW 1,
Pigment White 1;
Basic Lead Carbonate;
Lead White
PW 2.
Pigment White 2;
Lead Sulphate White
PW 3,
Pigment White 3;
Basic Lead Sulphate White
PW 4,
Pigment White 4;
Zinc Oxide White
PW 5,
Pigment White 5;
PW 6,
Pigment White 6;
Titanium White
PW 6:1,
Pigment White 6:1;
Titanium White Buff
PW 7,
Pigment White 7;
Zinc Sulphide White
PW 8
PW 10,
Pigment White 10;
Barium Carbonate
PW 11,
Pigment White 11;
Antimony White
PW 12,
Pigment White 12;
Zirconium Oxide
PW 13,
Pigment White 13;
Barium Tungstate
PW 14,
Pigment White 14;
Bismuth Oxychloride
PW 15,
Pigment White 15;
WhiteTin Oxide
PW 16,
Pigment White 16;
Lead Silicate
PW 17,
Pigment White 17;
Bismuth Subnitrate
PW 18,
Pigment White 18;
Calcium Carbonate
(Natural Chalk);
(Precipitated Chalk)
PW 18:1,
Pigment White 18:1;
PW 19,
Pigment White 19;
Pigment White 20;
PW 21,
Pigment White 21;
Blanc Fixe
PW 22,
Pigment White 22;
Natural Barium Sulfate (Barytes)
PW 23,
Pigment White 23;
Aluminium Hydrate
PW 24,
Pigment White 24;
Aluminium Hydroxide;
PW 25,
Pigment White 25;
PW 26,
Pigment White 26;
PW 27,
Pigment White 27;
PW 28,
Pigment White 28;
Calcium Silicate;
Hydrated Calcium Silicate
PW 30,
Pigment White 30;
Lead Phosphate
PW 32,
Pigment White 32;
Zinc Phosphate
PW 33
No CI Name
Bone White
Ceramic White
Diamond Powder
Egg Shells
Lead Chloride Hydroxide
Lead Phosphite
Lime White
Manganese Carbonate
Oyster Shells

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Color Index Name
CI Pigment Metal
Aluminum Powder
Bronze Powder
Metallic Gold
Metallic Lead
Metallic Zinc
No CI Name
Bismuth Powder
Metallic Silver
Stainless Steel Powder

Top ^ Pigment Database Notes:

* The level of opacity-transparency can vary from one extreme to the other even in the same pigment. Slight chemical variations, inert additives, crystal or particle shape and size are commonly used by pigment manufactures and paint makers to tailor the pigment to a specific application. Variations in pigment composition from natural sources, impurities and purification can also effect opacity. The binders used and amount of grinding effect transparency of the paint, a pigment in watercolor may be opaque where the same pigment in oil paints may be transparent. I have used mostly the artist paint or pigment manufacturers rating, published refractive index numbers or other pigment/paint manufacturer info of the most common pigment forms used by artists to determine transparency. Your results may vary.

** Light fastness of pigment colors can vary widely even within the same pigment. Manufacturing process, purity, particle size, binder, additives and fillers all have an effect on light fastness and pigment stability. I have used the ASTM light fastness test results when available, and when unavailable, I have used the manufacturer data sheets and/or individual tests for the ratings. Use the information provided only as a general indication of light fastness in art museum conditions, you should always make your own tests on the final paint formulation.

*** The actual toxic hazards of artist materials in real world practice can be debated. Many pigments and artist's paints are toxic if you ate them, but with a little common sense there is really very little hazard especially with pre-made artist paints. Do not smoke, eat or drink in or near the vicinity of pigments, paints and solvents. Do not put your hands or brushes in your mouth or near your face. Even after they've been cleaned artist brushes may still have traces of paint left in them, so never use your month to point the brush.
Dry pigment powders pose the greatest hazard because they can more easily be inhaled or ingested. Dry powdered pigments can also cling to surfaces, hands or clothing and can be spread and blown about contaminating other areas.
However some simple basic safety precautions can eliminate or reduce hazards to minimal levels. Do not smoke, eat or drink in or near the vicinity of powdered pigments. Do not put your hands in your mouth or near your face. Wash your hands often or use protective gloves. Work in an area safely away from food, pets and children. Dispose of waste in a environmentally friendly way that makes it hard for children or pets to get in to. It is wise to wear rubber gloves and a dust mask whenever working with powdered pigments even those thought to be generally safe.

Daniel Smith Sale 

hue (hue):

When the word "hue" is in parenthesis (hue), it designates an artist color hue that is an approximation of the historical artist's pigment that is not actually part of the paint or pigment manufacturer's marketing name. Not including the word hue in the historical paint or historical pigment name may mislead some to believe it is the genuine historical pigment. When not in parenthesis, it is actually used as part of the artists paint or pigment manufacturer's color name as per the ASTM guidelines.
Artist paint suppliers sometimes use other words to designate a pigment hue or mixed color, for instance, some of them are as follows: Extra, Substitute, Modern, New, Nova, and also the historical paint name followed or prefixed by part of the real pigment name (i.e. Cerulean Blue Phthalo). I believe that some of these pigment hue name designations to be a little less than honest.
A hue substitution for a historical artist's color or natural pigment does not mean it's lower quality paint. Many hues use modern lightfast pigments and generally are much less toxic than the historically traditional pigments. I just think art supply manufacturers should be more up front about it.

Side Notes Column:

The side notes are intended as additional pigment information that may be useful to the artist or worth further study. Many of these notes may be opinion (not necessarily my own), rumor, word of mouth or personal experience and meant as starting point for further research. When possible, next to the comment I have included a link to a reference source in parenthesis (Ref),
The notes were collected from many sources including pigment and art supply manufacturer's literature, art and pigment reference books, artist magazines, art supplier or pigment company's web sites and artist forums. One should always be prepared to do further research into any definitive statements on art materials because many of the "facts" may be debatable even amongst experts. There are many age old myths about artist's paints, art techniques, historical artist materials and natural pigments passed down through the decades with little, if any, scientific proof.
The information here is free and provided "as is", I make no warranty as to the accuracy of the statements. Pigments and making paint are a hobby of mine, I am not, nor do I purport to be an expert authority on the subject of art materials, and this document should be read with that in mind. However if you find any inaccuracies or mistakes please e-mail me and I will research the information and correct or add to it if I feel it's needed.

General notes and loose ends:

Some pigment information may be incomplete. A blank cell means that I have not found valid information on that pigment property or it is not applicable (N/A). A question mark next to any information means that the information may be questionable and needs further study. Pigments that have little potential value to artists have been omitted, but may be added at a later date if the pigment has been discovered to be useful to artists. Many pigments have been withdrawn from the color index but are still included here as one may find old storage of pigments and artist paints. I have also indicated the marketing name brand of artist paints and pigments that are no longer available too, as old paint tubes and pigments may be still be found.

All pigment information was collected from a variety of artist's reference books, art related web sites, paint or pigment manufactures literature and art related forums. Although I have tried to be as accurate as possible a full note for note listing of sources (see below for a reference list) is beyond the scope of this document.


Top ^ Bibliography of References and Sources

Historical Artist and Pigment Reference Sources:

The Industrial and Artistic Technology of Paint and Varnish, By Alvah Horton Sabin, Published by J. Wiley & Sons, 1904

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Materials for Permanent Painting, By Maximilian Toch 1911


Modern Pigment and Artist Reference Sources:

Color Index International Pigments and Solvent Dyes, The Society of Dyers and colourists, third edition

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The Artist's Handbook, Revised Edition , Ray Smith; DK Publishing 2003

Collins Artist's Colour Manual, Simon Jennings; HarperCollins Publishers 2003


Web Resources and Art Suppliers with Excellent Reference Materials:

The Handprint site by Bruce MacEvoy has loads of excellent information on watercolor pigments and Has a excellent color wheel showing where the actual pigments are in color space. The site is directed at watercolors, but is a good general reference for any paints or pigments.

The Real Color Wheel by Don Jusko is also a great color site.

Studiomara has a fantastic pigment reference database sorted by the marketing paint color name and brand.

Health and Safety in the arts A Searchable Database of Health & Safety Information for Artists

Natural Pigments: One of the best sources of rare natural and historical pigments and information.

Paintmaking.com: By Tony Johansen, Great Paint making site with all types of useful pigment and binder information for the artist.

Dick Blick Artist Supply: Full Range of art supplies at discount prices and has pigment info on most paints they sell

Kremer Pigmente EuropeKremer Pigments USA site Has a huge amount of pigments and information.

Earth Pigments: Specializes in earth pigments.

Guerra Paint and Pigments: Many rare and out of production Pigments mostly in aqueous dispersions

Sinopia: Lots of Pigments & info

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